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Contemplating Lash Extensions? This Is A Must-Read For You!

The main reason I started this blog and my social media accounts was to give honest feedback and tips about beauty products and services that work for me. Well, Beauties, I experienced a recent service that is a hot topic I wanted to share with you all!

I've gone back and forth for a long while on whether I wanted to get lash extensions. I would find myself scrolling Instagram, admiring everyone who had them, but in the back of my mind I had questions and concerns that prevented me from taking the next step. I imagine many of my followers have experienced something similar. Lash extensions are so popular right now but are they a trend you should get on board with or one you should keep scrolling by? Read on to find out!

Longer, fuller lashes....something every girl wants! Unfortunately, we can't just naturally have the lashes we all want or we would never apply mascara or use lash curlers to achieve the perfect "lash" look. For me, even when I applied mascara I wasn't seein

g the full set of dark lashes that I wanted. That is one thing you need to decide, what kind of lash look are you wanting? I was tired of applying false lashes and dealing with the mess that comes with them. They were also continually ripping off my natural lashes with each use. My makeup routine is something I genuinely get enjoyment out of; however, when having to apply false lashes, I was not having very much fun.

For me, I loved the look of extensions and knew it would make the process of getting ready quick and easy -- especially for my everyday look. A few other things I wanted to check off before moving forward was determining cost, maintenance (I know this is a big one for many of you that I've heard from), compatibility with daily life, and finally, trusting a person and business with this ongoing service. If you're reading this blog, you're someone that probably values quality beauty services, enjoys researching techniques and products and maybe you are interested in lash extensions too. I will detail as much of my experience as I can but what I do recommend is to still do your research. I researched lash extension artists and businesses for many months before moving forward. I do that with any beauty service prior to committing. I recommend using Instagram to view the quality of each business's work, going on a tour to view their space before your appointment and meeting the person who you will be working with. The important thing to remember is that you should feel comfortable and excited. Building trust and rapport is critical to ensuring a long-lasting relationship between you and your lash artist.

In Richmond, VA there a number of lash extension options and I went with Curly Willow Spa. They have a staff of highly skilled extension artists that do ongoing training and truly have a passion for their craft. My artist was Katie Dietz and she was very professional while also making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Extensions take time and you should expect for your first "full set" to take about 2.5 hours. This is the main reason why you want to feel comfortable with the artist you're working with! Katie let me know leading up to my appointment exactly how I should prepare. She kept me updated throughout my first visit by letting me know the process and what to expect. I had the choice of two options: "regular" or "volume" -- I went with volume. At the end I was so pleased by how fantastic my lashes looked. I can not wait to go back for my first "fill" in a few weeks. Curly Willow's space is so beautiful and relaxing, which is also very important to me. It's not just about the service but also about the experience. I've included some photos to show you just how awesome their space is!

I've had my extensions for a week and I love them more each day. It was the right decision for me! I clean them daily with both a brush and cleanser that Katie provided me and you will want to brush them daily as well. I've also worked out frequently and had no issues with my lashes! When you shower or wash your face just gently dab your lashes dry rather than rubbing them. I've included a snapshot of all of the Curly Willow Spa's tips when it comes to preparation and lash care.

Click HERE to find out more about their pricing and additional services. I highly recommend them and lash extensions if it is something you've been contemplating getting. I wake up everyday now with the prettiest lashes and it just makes me feel so good. It's a little burst of positivity throughout my day. If you visit Katie at Curly Willow Spa be sure to mention this post and tell her I sent you to receive 20% off!

Feel free to message me or Curly Willow Spa with any additional lash questions you might have. Photo below shows my extensions. My recommendation is to join me on the lash extension team!

XOXO Beauties,

Blonded by Beauty

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