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Behind The Brand: Mizzi Cosmetics

For anyone that has been following my Instagram -- you've probably caught on to my infatuation with the Mizzi Cosmetics lip care line. There's so many reasons to fall in love with this brand like I have; but what really garnered my support was a combination of their mission and their leader. Brenda Mierzejewski, CEO of Mizzi Cosmetics, is part of the brains (and beauty :-*) behind their company. Sidenote: The entire staff seems equally as awesome! While I've spent a lot of time trying out their products, I've also spent quite a bit researching their history. I stumbled upon their YouTube channel one day and was left in tears while watching Brenda's story.

Brenda's son was diagnosed with CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) and had to have open heart surgery at just 4 months old. A local organization called "Lilly's Kids Inc." helped her family through this tough time. In an effort to give back to such a deserving cause Mizzi Cosmetics donates a portion of their proceeds to this organization! Even though this is a fantastic reason to support such a deserving brand, let's dig into why their products are must-haves by many including Kylie Jenner and Kate Hudson!

When I first received their limited edition Lip Luxe Bare Kiss, it immediately became a daily balm for me. Their balms are made from the highest quality ingredients and not only do they heal your lips but they provide a shine like no other! I've come to incorporate their Bare Kiss into my beauty routine as a simple yet classic look. I like to start with a little lip liner, finish with their Lip Luxe Bare Kiss balm and my pout is ready to go! :-*

As if my lips weren't soft enough from the routine use of this product, I recently got my hands on their Whipped Lip Scrub. This has become another holy grail for me! Not everyone counts their lips in their nightly skincare routine but they too need exfoliating! (Your lipsticks and your significant other will thank you!) The smell of the scrub is so amazing! It actually gives off a calming scent that adds the perfect touch to my nightly routine.

The process is very quick and simple. Apply the Whipped Lip Scrub to your dry lips (only a dab will do), scrub it with your finger and then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. Voila -- Freshly smoothed lips will appear! Pro tip: apply the Lip Luxe Bare Kiss immediately after to give you that ultimate luxurious and pampered feeling!

Check out Mizzi Cosmetics' awesome products and meet their amazing staff HERE. These are definitely products you'll want in your Vanity; where only Top Shelf Beauty belongs!

Until next time Beauties,


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