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My Revision Skincare Favorites!

I have tried a number of skincare brands and rarely am I all in on one particular brand but I have loved every Revision product I have tried. Below I am detailing each of my must-haves that I use day and night!

BRIGHTENING FACIAL WASH - My favorite cleanser! It gives me the brightest, clearest skin. A holy grail I could not go without!

TEAMINE EYE COMPLEX - I have noticed such a difference since using this eye cream. It helps target dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles and brightens the skin! I apply this morning and night. A little goes a long way!

INTELLISHADE SPF 45 MOISTURIZER - A New Beauty Award Winning product, this one deserves all of the accolades! Most days I don't wear any makeup but still want a little coverage and this tinted moisturizer with SPF 45 is my go-to. Another product I use daily and couldn't go without.

NECTIFIRM ADVANCED - Don't neglect your neck! There's so much focus on taking care of your face but your neck shows signs of aging too and needs to be treated. With the NECTIFIRM Advanced, another New Beauty award winner, it targets aging on the neck and décolletage. I put this on day and night.

BODIFIRM - Skin on your body is so different from skin on your face or chest so Revision came out with BODIFIRM. It firms, tightens and lifts sagging skin to help tone and sculpt the skin! I use this every night.

BLACK MASK - I love this mask! I try and use it a few times a week. It helps to noticeably refine the appearance of pores. It purifies the skin and leaves it so clean and polished.

YOUTHFULL LIP REPLENISHER - I am a sucker for a good lip product and I have tried so, so many. You will find the Youthful Lip Replenisher in my purse at all times. I need to get another one to also store in my desk for the workday. It replenishes the appearance of youthful volume while leaving your lips so hydrated!

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