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Top Shelf: The Shelter Salon Experience

I recently visited Shelter Salon -- a Richmond staple for an authentic salon experience. I read a review by one of their clients that described it perfectly as "an oasis from the daily routine". After you step into Shelter it's as if the worries from your day were left on the other side of the door. The serene environment, welcoming staff and top notch service leaves you walking out completely relaxed from just a hair cut!

Owner and Lead Stylist, Becky Surbrook, worked her magic on me this past Monday. Much like many other ladies do, I had sent Becky a photo of my desired hair color. What I loved about Becky was that she took a look at my photo and gave me honest feedback. Was it achievable? Absolutely! Today? No -- not if I didn't want to damage my hair. Trusting the professionalism of your hair stylist is key and so with that recommendation I put all of my faith in Becky and I am so glad I did. Below you will see the before and after of my hair. My hair was in need of a cut to bring my ends back to life. I was also looking forward to adding some healthy bounce back into my mane. My color had transitioned to a more yellow blonde than I preferred and I longed for that cooler shade that served me much better.

I sat in Becky's chair for almost four hours and it flew by. She is very personable and makes sure you are comfortable the entire time! I instantly felt at ease and continued to feel that way the entire time even though I had what seemed like 500 foils in my hair. :-) At Shelter you always feel a priority! They have a nice offering of refreshments (you need to try the coffee!), an amazing choice of music (I immediately came home and found the playlist on Spotify) and a gracious, welcoming spirit. Taking things to the next level appears to come natural at Shelter. Becky customized her care for me by making honest recommendations about products she knew I could benefit from. I was getting my hair shampooed and she thoroughly explained each item she was applying to my hair and why it was necessary. This was super helpful because it equipped me with the knowledge to take better care of my hair between visits. When the time comes to purchase items to take home -- I know what was used and what I would benefit from the most. Becky added in a protein treatment on my hair for super light blondes. This is a must-have because my hair felt so much stronger when I walked out of the salon than when I walked in.

Everything at Shelter is focused on quality. From the decor and the stylists; to the products they stand behind. I was super fortunate enough to take home some products that I've been loving ever since (the whole Aveda line-up is fantastic)!! They smell amazing but there are other reasons to consider grabbing these spectacular goodies when you are heading out the door. One thing I've always failed to do after a salon visit is that I would not think about what I needed to do at home to prolong the color and health of my hair. Luckily, Becky armed me with the know-how to keep my hair healthy until my next visit. We might be nearing the end of summer but I have a few pool and beach days ahead of me. The products and tips will help keep my hair looking fabulous in the sunshine. Protecting your hair is a necessary step if you want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible!

I've been to salons before where amenities and friendliness felt lost; where I felt like just another client rushed through the process. I felt the complete opposite about Shelter. It was refreshing to see that they really care about their clients. When I get my hair done, I see it as a treat to myself. Becky at Shelter made me feel the same way! It's the little things that make a big difference when choosing a salon. With a genuine interest in how their clients like their cut and color, Shelter Salon sets itself apart from the Richmond market of hair salons by providing an enjoyable and memorable experience. I'm ecstatic I chose to visit Shelter because I got to see what a high quality salon they truly are! Stop by 12 N 25th St -- tell them I sent you and treat yourself!

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