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Q & A: The Caroline Doll, Founder of POSH PR®

All things pretty and pink, Caroline Kalentzos, or The Caroline Doll as many of you may know her as, is my kinda girl! For starters her motto is Champagne Is Always The Answer®, I can get behind that! She is also the successful owner behind Posh PR®. From branding successful businesses to being a beauty icon, there is lots to be learned from her. Find out below some of her beauty secrets, what her vanity is like, and much more! (Follow her on Instagram @thecarolinedoll, @poshpr)

You seem on the go and super busy, what is your makeup routine that gets you out the door?

A good spray tan and microblading goes a long way, Doll! These are the ultimate time-savers in the morning. I get out of bed, put a little foundation on, mascara, do a contour on the cheek and of course a pop of pink lipstick!

Your love for all things Louis Vuitton and designer shoes is any dolls dream, do you flock to the high end makeup brands or have your fair share of drugstore faves in the mix?

Truth be told, Doll, I love a good bargain. It’s all about the thrill of the chase! I am all about quality. A name-brand doesn’t always guarantee that. I was actually just recently SO depressed that Target stopped carrying my go-to Dry Shampoo, Umberto! I am all about mixing high-low across all platforms. So yes, my makeup bag is full of YSL, Charlotte Tilbury, and Chanel paired with Demi Whispies Lashes found at Target!!

What are your favorite ways to pamper yourself? Any beauty services you recommend?

Despite how it may appear, I am pretty #basic, Doll. A Pink Drink from Starbucks and a mani + pedi is all it takes for me to feel pampered!

You're behind the scenes for many styled shoots and even, in the past, for brides on their big day! Any beauty tips and tricks you've picked up along the way?

I love this question!! There was this one time I had to do all the bridesmaids make up! Somehow I just knew it was coming and I threw my airbrush machine in my car! I gave each doll a spray of foundation, a bold lip and a contour! A bold lip goes a long way!! Oh! And never underestimate the value of a setting spray! I make my face WET in the morning with it to last the entire day!

What does your Vanity look like?

Everything is in its place! I do not like stuff left out visible to the open eye. All of my designer fragrances and pretty bottles are my centerpieces and I style shelves with designer shoes and their matching coffee table books!! I love a good styled shelf!

(All 📸 from: @thecarolinedoll)

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